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24K Detailing Kit

24K Detailing Kit

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You asked, we delivered! Introducing the 24 Karat Detailing Kit, consisting of a massive 15 products with an optional wax! This kit has EVERYTHING you need to maintain and upkeep the shine on your car.

A Total RRP Price of the kit of £204.82 without Wax and £254.81 With Wax!

This Mega Kit Consists of:

1 x Emerald Shampoo – Our Premium Luxury Shampoo with Elevated lubrication, suds and cleaning.
1 x Sapphire Snow Foam – High Performance Snow Foam with Dense Foam, High Wetting & Cling and Excellent Cleaning
1 x Citrine Pre Wash – Offers powerful, LSP-safe cleaning, with versatile dilution options, and eco-friendly ingredients.
1 x Ruby Rinse Aid – Optimizes car washing by improving water sheeting, quick drying, and a streak-free finish.
1 x Sphene Wheel Cleaner – Potent, acid-free solution for removing salts and road grime from wheels, with flexible dilution options.
1 x Opal Spray Wax – Combines gloss and protection with a Nano-layered coating, providing long-lasting, sleek results.
1 x Topaz Interior Cleaner – Specialized, safe, and highly effective product for all car surfaces, offering quick, flawless results. (New Car Scented)
1 x Kunzite Interior Cleaner – Specialized, safe, and highly effective product for all car surfaces, offering quick, flawless results (Bubble-gum Scented)
1 x Clear Quartz Glass Cleaner –  Exceptional glass cleaner with alcohol and surfactants for fast, streak-free results.
1 x Crystal Tyre & Trim Dressing – Enhances tire and trim colour and shine with a durable, non-slinging, natural-looking finish
1 x Ammolite Glue & Tar Remover – Efficiently eliminates adhesive residue and tar, promoting efficient surface bonding for Nano-protection products.
1 x Onyx Fallout Remover – Potent cleaner reacting with iron contamination, safe for various vehicle surfaces.
1 x Malachite Glass Sealant – Glass coating product with hydrophobic properties for clear visibility and easy contamination removal.
1 x Amethyst Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner – A mild alkaline cleaner for carpets, upholstery, and engine bays, effectively removing stains and soiling without surface damage.
1 x Morganite Leather Cleaner – A natural, water-based leather cleaner, provides gentle, effective cleaning without abrasives or solvents, preserving leather’s quality and appearance.

2 x Microfibre Cloths
1 x Glass Cloth


Moonstone Ceramic Infused Wax – Our wax blend, featuring T1 carnauba wax and advanced polymers, provides unmatched gloss, durability, and hydrophobic protection for a show-quality finish.

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