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Moonstone Ceramic Infused Wax

Moonstone Ceramic Infused Wax

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Our wax blend is a masterpiece in automotive wax technology. It is made up of a combination of pure grade T1 carnauba wax and specialty waxes, which are further enhanced with cross-linking polymers and amino modified polymers that provide ceramic-like properties. When applied to the paint, this wax blend delivers an unparalleled gloss and smoothness, along with excellent hydrophobic properties that repel water and other environmental contaminants.

This high durability wax offers superior chemical and environmental resistance, ensuring that the paint remains protected from harsh weather conditions and corrosive substances. The speciality chemicals present in the wax make it easy to buff off, allowing for a hassle-free application process.

With our wax blend, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s paint will be treated with the utmost care and protection. The advanced formula delivers long-lasting results, with a shine that will leave your vehicle looking better than ever before. Whether you’re a professional detailer or a car enthusiast, our wax blend is the perfect choice for achieving a show-quality finish.

Product features

  • Buttery soft wax - very spreadable
  • Quick cure time - in ambient conditions 5-10 minutes before needing to buff
  • Extreme hydrophobicity
  • Premium fragrance

How to use

Using a wax applicator apply the wax onto the surface of the vehicle, spreading the wax in a circular motion. Ensure the product has been thoroughly levelled to avoid over saturation. Test the applied area by simply a swipe test, if the product swipes clear; curing process has completed and is ready to be buffed gently using a clean and dry microfibre cloth.

Precautions for use

  • Always test an inconspicuous area before use.
  • Avoid using on a hot panel and do not allow the product to dry.
  • Ensure product is completely buffed away after use.
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