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Silver 1 Year Ceramic Coating

Silver 1 Year Ceramic Coating

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state-of-the art automotive ceramic coating crafted with advanced polymers. Shielding against harmful contaminants, UV rays and ensuring a lasting brilliant finish with minimal maintainence. Increased colour depth and hydrophobicity. Extra durable towards detergents. Makes further washes a cinch!

Product features

  • Superb gloss enhancement
  • High active content
  • Extremely durable when cured to detergents
  • Extremely hydrophobic

How to use

Apply a few drops onto an applicator pad, spread evenly ensuring a level coat. Allow 90-120 seconds dwell time on the applied surface, then using a clean dry microfibre cloth level and buff the product.

Precautions for use

  • Always test an inconspicuous area before use.
  • Avoid using on a hot panel and do not allow the product to dry.
  • Ensure excess product is buffed away.

Allow upto 1 hour before getting the applied surface wet, 24 hours before using pressured water and 72 hours before using detergents.

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