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Malachite Glass Sealant

Malachite Glass Sealant

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Malachite, a glass coating product, is formulated with a combination of alcohol and modified polymers, making it an excellent choice for maintaining and protecting automotive glass surfaces. The product’s hydrophobic properties provide an exceptional ability to repel water, thus improving visibility in wet weather and enhancing overall driving safety. Additionally, Malachite’s hydrophobic function can help prevent eye strain by reducing the glare caused by water droplets on the windshield.

The unique formulation of Malachite enables it to easily remove various contaminants from the glass without leaving any residue or damage to the surface. However, it is essential to note that Malachite is only suitable for use on glass substrates and cannot be used on modern headlight lenses that are made from polycarbonate. Due to the solvents and polymers present in the formula, Malachite is easy to apply, spread, and buff. It forms a protective barrier that helps to prevent future contamination from adhering to the glass surface. Additionally, the coating’s high durability means that it can protect the glass for an extended period.

Product features

  • Very hydrophobic, making it easy to prevent water pooling
  • High alcohol content aids with glass cleaning
  • User friendly.

How to use

Spray 2-3 times on the desired area spread across the surface evenly. Using a clean dry microfibre cloth, spread the product to form an even application. Using a second dry microfibre cloth or a dry side of the one in use, buff off the residue.

Precautions for use

  • Always test an inconspicuous area before use.
  • Avoid using on a hot panel and do not allow the product to dry.
  • Ensure product is completely buffed off after use.
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