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Interior Kit

Interior Kit

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For that new car feel, our interior kit is designed to keep things looking and smelling fresh!

Kit consists of:

1 x Kunzite Interior Cleaner OR Topaz Interior Cleaner - Specialized, safe, and highly effective product for all car surfaces, offering quick, flawless results.
1 x Clear Quartz Glass Cleaner –  Exceptional glass cleaner with alcohol and surfactants for fast, streak-free results.
1 x Morganite Leather Cleaner A natural, water-based leather cleaner, provides gentle, effective cleaning without abrasives or solvents, preserving leather’s quality and appearance.
1 x Amethyst Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner A mild alkaline cleaner for carpets, upholstery, and engine bays, effectively removing stains and soiling without surface damage.

1 x Microfibre Cloth
1 x Glass Cloth

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