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Essential Starter Kit

Essential Starter Kit

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The absolute essential kit to get you started!

Kit Consists of:

1 x Emerald Shampoo – Our Premium Luxury Shampoo with Elevated lubrication, suds and cleaning.
1 x Sapphire Snow Foam – High Performance Snow Foam with Dense Foam, High Wetting & Cling and Excellent Cleaning
1 x Sphene Wheel Cleaner – Potent, acid-free solution for removing salts and road grime from wheels, with flexible dilution options.
1 x Topaz Interior Cleaner – Specialized, safe, and highly effective product for all car surfaces, offering quick, flawless results. (New Car Scented)
1 x Clear Quartz Glass Cleaner –  Exceptional glass cleaner with alcohol and surfactants for fast, streak-free results.


Moonstone Ceramic Infused Wax – Our wax blend, featuring T1 carnauba wax and advanced polymers, provides unmatched gloss, durability, and hydrophobic protection for a show-quality finish.

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