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Build-Your-Own Kit (3 Bottles)

Build-Your-Own Kit (3 Bottles)

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Unleash your creativity with our custom 500ml Build-Your-Own Kit! You have the freedom to select any products from the extensive list in the dropdown menu to create a unique kit tailored to your preferences.

Imagine the possibilities as you mix and match your favorite Autogems products. Whether you're sticking with tried-and-true favorites or branching out to try something entirely new, this is your chance to dive into our vast and diverse range of offerings. Our collection is designed to cater to a wide array of tastes and needs, ensuring that there's something for everyone.

Why settle for a pre-made kit when you can craft one that perfectly suits your style and requirements? This customizable approach not only allows you to enjoy products you already love but also provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with new items. Discover new favorites and enhance your experience with the broad spectrum of Autogems products available.

Take this opportunity to explore and indulge in our carefully curated selection. With so many options at your fingertips, your custom 500ml Build-Your-Own Kit will be as unique as you are. Enjoy the process of creating a personalized kit that reflects your individual taste and needs.

List of all Products Available

  • Emerald Shampoo– Our Premium Luxury Shampoo with Elevated lubrication, suds and cleaning.
  • Sapphire Snow Foam– High Performance Snow Foam with Dense Foam, High Wetting & Cling and Excellent Cleaning
  • Citrine Pre Wash– Offers powerful, LSP-safe cleaning, with versatile dilution options, and eco-friendly ingredients.
  • Ruby Rinse Aid– Optimizes car washing by improving water sheeting, quick drying, and a streak-free finish.
  • Sphene Wheel Cleaner – Potent, acid-free solution for removing salts and road grime from wheels, with flexible dilution options.
  • Opal Spray Wax – Combines gloss and protection with a Nano-layered coating, providing long-lasting, sleek results.
  • Topaz Interior Cleaner – Specialized, safe, and highly effective product for all car surfaces, offering quick, flawless results. (New Car Scented)
  • Kunzite Interior Cleaner – Specialized, safe, and highly effective product for all car surfaces, offering quick, flawless results (Bubble-gum Scented)
  • Clear Quartz Glass Cleaner – Exceptional glass cleaner with alcohol and surfactants for fast, streak-free results.
  • Crystal Tyre & Trim Dressing – Enhances tire and trim colour and shine with a durable, non-slinging, natural-looking finish
  • Ammolite Glue & Tar Remover – Efficiently eliminates adhesive residue and tar, promoting efficient surface bonding for Nano-protection products.
  • Onyx Fallout Remover – Potent cleaner reacting with iron contamination, safe for various vehicle surfaces.
    1 x Malachite Glass Sealant – Glass coating product with hydrophobic properties for clear visibility and easy contamination removal.
  • Amethyst Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner – A mild alkaline cleaner for carpets, upholstery, and engine bays, effectively removing stains and soiling without surface damage.
  • Morganite Leather Cleaner – A natural, water-based leather cleaner, provides gentle, effective cleaning without abrasives or solvents, preserving leather’s quality and appearance.
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